The menu changes daily with the season. underneath is an example.

Part 1. Raw station At the Oyster bar


1. Prawn cracker with red prawns


2. Coriander pickled salmon


3. Oyster yusu fingerling


4. Oyster warm sake foam shiso 


5. Oyster wasabi pearls


6. Rose and roe


7. Scallops passionfruit orangezest kumquat 


8. Uni ponzu

Champagne tasting


2. Mainbar smoked cured & salted

1. Slurp of the ocean beach herbs snail bitter tea


2. Cleansing coal anchowy mayo

3. Caviar with lemon grass beurre blanc


4. Frozen wasabi smoked halibut pickled beet root


5. Onsen flan with dancing fish flakes


6. Frozen red curry with king crab


7. Octopus fermented oyster sauce egg yolk


8. Miang kam dried prawns

Manzanilla or sake



Part 3. At the kitchen table

1. Gyoza with cabbage and cod

2. Codfish head nam jin

3. Cevichewater with avacado sorbet codfish popcorn

Riesling Mosel

4. Crab salad with cold coconut soup 

5. Warm curry with cold squid noodles



6. Smoked soup based on dried catfish DIY noodles 

7. Black Pulpo bitter greens wasabi yogurt

    Fresh seaweed with sesame

8. Tempura smoked mussel dashi 

Orange wine


9. Scallop miso butter

10. Lobsterhead lemongrass



10. Sushi selection


11. Monkfish liver plumwine sauce




1. Asian basil sorbet lime foam 

2. Baked pineapple turmeric ice cream


Part 4 In the lounge

Coffee or tea -Optional-

with spices of Asia & "the Beach"

1. Chili in chili

2. Cinnamon in cinnamon

3. Star of anis

4. Oysters and pearls

5. Venus mussel 

6. Beach stones

7. Fishbones
8. Starfish

menu 1175 kr.
Sparkling & still wine pairing 1075 kr.
Non alcholic 675 kr.
The experience will take 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Our menu varies according to the deliveries from the boats.


Reservation can also be made via email to with reference: KK71.

We are open for reservation only from Wednesday to Saturday: 18.30.

Our omakase menu will be served from 18.30. Hence the reservation is accepted only at 18.30 (no other times).

Vores omakase menu starter fra kl.18.30, derfor vi kun tager imod reservation kl.18.30 (ikke andre tidspunkter)