The menu changes daily with the season. underneath is an example.

- Gillardeau oyster, flying fish roe and frozen wasabi pearl.

- Danish oyster, sake, shiso leaves and yuzu granite.

- Home made cured salmon, soy and lemon vinaigrette and roasted sesame seeds.

- Octopus, wakame salad, trout roe and japanese pepper.

- Tuna tartare, avocado puree, garlic mayo, frozen ponzu.

- Cod ceviche passion fruit.

- Chawanmushi, shrimps, mushrooms, garlic crumbs and bonito flakes.

- Smoked mussels tempura, chili and honey sauce.

- Crab, pickled green mustard and chili, yellow curry.

- Smoked mackerel, sun dried tomato puree, crispy crepe.

- Calamari with black pepper sauce, spiced pickled pineapple.

- Red curry ice cream, lobster.

- Smokes halibut gyoza, soy and rice vinegar sauce, garlic crumbs and pickled chili.

- Pan seared scallops, roasted celeriac, miso veloute.

- Asian style steamed cod head and yam dressing.

- Crispy sea bass, fennel and samphire salad, liquorice sauce.

- Miso and sake marinated salmon, teriyaki sauce.

- Hamachi nigiri, wasabi, yuzu pepper and Langoustine maki, chili mayo. 

- Thai basil sorbet, lime foam, citrus meringue.

- Orange cake, passion fruit, vanilla ice cream.

- Selection of petit four

menu 1175 kr.
Sparkling & still wine pairing 1075 kr.
Non alcholic 675 kr.
The experience will take 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Our menu varies according to the deliveries from the boats.

Multiple dishes can also be served at the same time.


Reservation can also be made via email to with reference: KK71.

We are open for reservation only from Wednesday to Saturday: 18.30.

Our omakase menu will be served from 18.30. Hence the reservation is accepted only at 18.30 (no other times).

Vores omakase menu starter fra kl.18.30, derfor vi kun tager imod reservation kl.18.30 (ikke andre tidspunkter)